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Best registry cleaner software Free download
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Best registry cleaner software  Free download

    Best registry cleaner software

The main cause of Windows crashes, slow computer performance and error messages are the problems with the Windows registry. By regularly cleaning and fixing your registry your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows and your software to run faster.

The registry is a large database used by Windows and other applications for storage of hardware and software configurations.

Why do I need to clean the registry and why System LifeGuard 2 is the best registry cleaner software?

When you delete a file, the registry doesn't remove the invalid data, so it will remain a reference to a non-existent file in the registry.

More operations like the above described will get the registry filled with invalid data, Windows and programs consume more system resources to search the database for any data. The performance of your PC will be slower and slower.

Passing invalid data to Windows programs can cause severe system complications resulting in system crash, and other type of malfunction. Download for Free our software and improve the performance of your PC.

Registry Cleaner needs to be used with some caution.To use this function follow these steps:

Step 1

Choose Advanced Features and then Click Registry Cleaner.Choose a mode in which you want to run System LifeGuard 2 Registry Cleaner:
  • simple mode: will display all safe to delete invalid registry entries
  • advanced mode (for experienced users only): will make a full registry scan and will result a complete list of registry entries referring to non existing files or folders

Important: Even a registry entry refers to a non-existing file/folder does not mean that the entry is invalid! Many such registry entries are valid and used by your operating system: some software applications store in these entries the default names of temporary files (files that may not exist at the scanning moment) needed for the application to run.

Step 2

It displays a list of bad entries.You can make several operations on this list:
  • Click Rescan button to scan again your registry for bad entries.
  • Click Select All button to select all the items from the list so that you can take an action on all items from the list.
  • Click Unselect All button to unselect al the selected item from the list.
  • Click Remove Selected button to delete the selected items (bad entries) from the registry.

Our software comes with a 15 day FREE trial , download it and boost the performance of your PC. It will clear your registry of invalid entries, which will produce a better working environment on your computer. With minimal computer knowledge - System LifeGuard 2 is the best registry cleaner software - also it can be set to regularly tune the performance of your computer and will create reports of all activity for your records. It has also a Hard drive cleaner, Startup manager, Program uninstaller, System tweaker, Internet privacy keeper, Disk defragmenter and many more.

Best registry cleaner software

5/5 Stars and Editor's Pick at 5-star Shareware

Recommended at ZDNet

"System LifeGuard. An array of tools for keeping your PC in tiptop condition. Use this regularly and keep your PC in good health."

"System LifeGuard v2.0 is a Swiss Army Knife of essential PC maintenance."

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